C.E. Shepherd presents
MaxStop welded security fence TranSafe welded architectural fence

Since 1957, C.E. Shepherd Company has been at the forefront of innovative manufacturing technology. Using 35+ years of experience in precise engineered welded wire mesh manufacturing, C.E. Shepherd Company is pleased to introduce welded wire mesh fence systems. Produced by the most advanced welding technology available, C.E. Shepherd’s welded wire mesh panels provide effective protection with the greatest ease of installation possible. Our flat panels are manufactured with the least warping and curling of any product on the market.

Heavy gauge welded wire fence mesh is the preferred solution for perimeter protection of sensitive sites. Cutting an opening in the mesh is time-consuming and difficult, and small openings discourage climbing by eliminating hand and foot holds. Welded mesh will not unravel or lose structural integrity if cut. Mesh Panels may be electrified, and the mesh may be buried to discourage access from below.

C.E. Shepherd’s Welded Security Mesh Panels provide clean, distortion-free visibility. Sophisticated alarm systems, passive or active, integrate well with welded mesh due to their low noise factor and limited wind-based movement minimizing false alarms.

Made in U.S.A.

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