Click the link above for a real world gallery of MaxStop™ welded wire security fence implementation.

MaxStop™ security fence openings are too narrow for wire cutters to get a good grip.

The small mesh openings of MaxStop™ security fence prevents climbing by eliminating foot and hand-holds.

MaxStop™ security fence mesh panels allow easy and time-saving installation.


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Typical Applications

Aircraft maintenence
Aircraft holding areas
Fuel truck storage areas
Correctional facilities
Water Treatment
Ports and waterways
Electrical substations
Stadiums and sporting events

Download specifications:
Airport  (156k)PDF
Correctional  (232k)PDF
Water Purification  (160k)PDF
Security gate  (160k)PDF
High security  (160k)PDF

Watch YouTube videos:
MaxStop Key Features  (0:56)video
MaxStop versus Chain Link  (coming soon)video


Fences at 6' (1.83 m) to 10' (3.05 m) in height.



assailants Anticipated Attack:
Three to four assailants with power cutting and climbing tools, crash vehicle, explosives and RPGs, automatic weapons, etc.

stopwatch Minimum delay time:
15 to 25 seconds

Risk Assessment

stopwatchPotential Property Damage:
$21 million to $200 million

stopwatchPotential Disruption, Chaos & Casualties Damage:
$2 million to $5 million