Click the link above for a real world gallery of TranSafe™ welded wire security fence implementation.


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Typical Applications

Immigration holding areas
Non-hazardous material storage
Garage security fence
Truck depots, industrial perimeters
Commercial property
Office parks
Academic institutions

Download brochure with specifications:
TranSafe brochure  (828k)PDF

Watch YouTube videos:
MaxStop Key Features  (0:56)video
MaxStop versus Chain Link  (coming soon)video


Fences at 4' (1.82 m) to 8' (2.44 m) in height.



assailants Anticipated Attack:
One to two assailants with simple cutting or climbing tools, automatic weapons.

stopwatch Minimum delay time:
5 to 15 seconds

Risk Assessment

stopwatchPotential Property Damage:
$20 million or less

stopwatchPotential Disruption, Chaos & Casualties Damage:
$2 million or less